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Locality of The Vault. The first settlers and the Harkening Hill.

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Speak to the group of people that John(Wood), Elizabeth(Wood-Smith) and our Party gave me, John is the name of the Noble, of our success. That our Captain has given me a land(Johnson  farm), I discovered that its mainland is on this side is where I settled, owned by Elizabeth, I have taken possession. To each one I gave a new names or aliases. In my second Journey, I named their place as Santa Maria. It is where Elizabeth lives. I explored the area, gave the name(names and residences) and Castellanos of Pure Gold our Captain has given to John. And that "Queen"(Elizabeth/Mary) has took possession of a cipher, the 30 names and residences. When I went to the town of Bedford, I have acquired their mountain with the name of Harkening Hill. They are the most Ingenious men at the glorious success that God has given me in my Journey. Elizabeth, all the land of Indians and John knew that our men will arrive.

There are Spanish Oak Trees, and the path that leads northward, there are peaks incomparably higher than the centre area. Vast mines of gold and other metals on these areas and there are many kinds of birds and great variety of fruits in the area toward the west. I went to the south to check whether there is a large city or settlement, but found none. And the path that leads north, the 4 miles, I failed to see some great cities and Spanish Oak trees.

Many miles we traveled without seeing great, places are just like all the others(the same). The names of Spanish(Page 3: Juan, Maria, Isabella). Success that God wonderfully granted us. There are people without number but with names(Indians). When I came there, it was impossible to speak to the people(see more on page 1 and 3). In my Journey to the Indies with the group, the name of the Harkening Hill I couldn't pronounce. I followed the route of that area toward the west (From harkening to SantaMaria Via Sheep Creek road) as I know that it was the home of Elizabeth, the only structure that clearly stands out from the rest in the area.

And thus, glorious success so high. To tell you how lovely my Journey was, the value exceeds incomparably higher than all the possessions that I have. At once I continued the said route to find Maria(Mary), the other new name given when I came at Juana(John's home). The group that the "Illustrious King", excelling any, sent two men to Introduce and guide us. Of many miles we traveled without seeing a settlement, a new white female(first settlers of Peaks of Otter) gave me a land, that the name is Elizabeth(Wood), Of all I have taken possession of their mountain. And that, I write this to tell you to figure out one that I gave a new name, SALVADOR.

I have placed it in-between Spanish Oak trees. Rejoice at the glorious success that God has given and search at the end of a few small settlements where it was impossible to speak to the eastward(Santa Maria). I succeded in talking to them, I gave them some of everything I had. In my Journey, I have climbed their mountain (Sharp top) that they seem to touch the sky, that they never lose their greenness, that I thought it might be the mainland opposite to the view of the Nobles in the center land. It was owned by Elizabeth(Need to research deeds). In my Journey I have purchased/owned their mountain(See Harkening hill purchase), and there the Indians Mountain(Taylor's Mountain), 5 miles from John's which I wrote the name in Spanish(JUANA), it is so high that seems to touch the sky.

In my Journey, the first time I went there, I gave the place that I found. That our Captain has gave all this to the Indians and have Lost all my possessions of Santa Maria(place northwest of Sharptop), Elizabeth has wonderfully granted. Because of this the Indians show so much love that they would give their very hearts by speaking and actions/dances. And of all, I have acquired a galley(Not literally a galley/Guides or helpers. See next paragraph the galley).

I have been told that there are trees that I should not fail to see, the third adventure. I forbade disappointing them so I agreed. I came to the end with the group of that area toward the west(Taylors Mountain area page 3). There are people, Wonderful Pine woods and Open Country, our Captain has given (weapons see more on page 1) and I found at the end that it's true that the natives have no hair(cherokee haircut), only the males remained there, who has cheerfully accepted us. With this(Now), The Indians are together with the group. In my letter, I write this to gave whether it will be anything of great or small value has given the thirty- westerners and the names you will be rejoiced at.

I traveled for days, I named a Female in my journey. The route of that area toward the west, there are peaks incomparably higher than the people. Other group of Indians, the third Fernandina(a person?possible husband of Elizabeth?) named was rejoiced when I came at the glorious birth(concepcion). There are people without number, men and women, high Queen Indians, countless small communities. Our Captain has gave many weapons(page 3: no iron, nor steel nor weapons nor sharpened sticks(weapons/spears), in commemoration I gave the name of Mary Month of First. (Confusing here, maybe I miscount)

Land that I explored, there are wonderful pine woods and extensive ranges of meadow land. The glorious success that God has granted all of this to the group of John, a name well-known in the area. Speak and search in the noble cities or towns(Bad translation), and I have gave all confidence, and I know that the people has given me this land (Johnson-Dooley) of that isle toward the west.

(From the Town going to Otter)Led northward in my journey, there are lands inhabited by numberless people, thus I went North(at EIGHTEEN). They will be to the first settlers, for farming where I found new whites.

In my journey, I write this to tell you how I went to the Indies with a glorious success that I have been to distance, to which I gave SALVADOR the name of the sea-coast of a certain Harbor to the end (NOT LITTERALLY A HARBOR OR SEACOAST) At once I continued the said route while thinking, I should give shares to the guides. I found out at the end of many distance we traveled together that they have already taken that this Land was their treasure, and they are so generous who insisted that this land was enough. My Journey where I found a third adventure or exploration, I gave the cities or towns to test whether as if they really cared that this land was a enough.

Spun of cotton can be seen on the route led northward. I have climbed the mountains, and that it is elevated with many mountains for new whites.

I learned that Bedford is the first town, other people, God gave a fine plains and open country(Bedford is the most Fertile). The first land to the eastward discovered all the cargo's with the party to the people without opposition. And of all at once, I continued the said route, so they returned no iron, nor steel, nor weapons. I named the land you will be going at in Thirty.

In my journey, I have gave in confidence and they were the finest which seems to give glorious success. I am grateful for the possession of the holy spirit, the plans, the group that John, Elizabeth and our Party gave me where I found people, large flowing rivers, small communities and explored for three days be anything of great or small value without problems God has given me in my Journey. This to tell you that in page 2 I named(Bufords?), begin from page 2(or solve it first?).

All days I traveled covered with fear. Town sent two men to the Indies(Peaks of Otter Area) to ask whether the letter that I am writing will give me hundreds of dollars in exchange.

My journey, the winter had already set in. I wonder what is the name of the route that led northward.(this is somewhere in Harkening) It was the land to the Indians. It was impossible to speak for their chief, with this I gave many things. The name of San Salvador(Harkening Hill) is given to the third hill of the Peaks of Otter, owned by Elizabeth and Jonathan. The town(of Indians) is peculiar. Elizabeth is a success that God has given the party.

At once I continued the said route without problems as usual. Miles distance a town have stolen Gold and Silver. I forbade northward, in contrary to the west and fail to see glorious success. Mary who has the Indians, the town(harkening?) is inhabited by numberless city people(Mons?). The plan was declared as the town of the natives. Provinces(of the Indians) allowed as many learned that John does not know about the letters I am writing.

Variety of trees right(write) I came on the route led northward are rich and fertile for planting. I found a government and a city/town/village to Botetourt(Sovereign) thinking I could not fail many that the thirty- Beale Party(fleet/sovereign) gave me(trust). And as I learned, to the people that was against my proceeding, or them, for in my journey to see some great is the best. The fifth was my journey I am writing(telling) you, I have taken the Holy spirit that our Lord has wonderfully granted through Christ. When I was born, so were my journey. How in the name of fine plains one was very successful.

At a certain Harbor of the land I found success, the land there is elevated, the name of Harkening Hill and landmarks I explored and mastered since at the end to each one, John allowed all this. The Indians with the group give their very hearts, Quantity of pure gold I have been received I discovered given without opposition. With this given, the one third is already taken, all the remaining were still so much to please the party for a bag of gold worth a thousand dollars. I gave the Indians/Locals and Mary, someone called Elizabeth to witness so I determined not to wait there longer, to us, they had already claimed that this land was their treasure.

There is elevated and innumerable people. I continued the route forthwith his town since we gained more confidence. I know of happiness widely and I know that countless small communities I named, no towns nor villages will see great rewards and sell out the name of His Divine Majesty (Leader/Elizabeth/ Indies Queen) I continued the Indies wishes.

I know you will be cheerful at John and Elizabeth. In my journey, I learned that at the end of many distance that nothing new good appeared, (good) comes to some, and great success that our Lord has given, and of all that will arrive.



I am having problem with this translation, I could have done better but the message will be rephrased. I don't want to alter this so much.

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