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As I sit here typing at near 10pm, I hear a lightly frantic running to the kithcen as a foul odor of smoke and something that is unidentifiable is overcooked. Now a scrubbing commences of the pan and maybe the experiment was chucked into to trashcan. I dunno. I am too lazy at this moment of time to go upstairs and look. You know how it goes. I don't believe you can say anything "politely" without it seeming to be a knock on some ones' pride, so I will leave it alone.

Well that kind of opens up the door for a part of the news I was gonna leave for the later half of this, but hey, since this semi epic event upstairs is still scraping a pan, I think I will add it here. I was at a popular grocery store about a week ago. They stocked up quite a bit so I decided to add a few things that I have not had in a long time. Oooooo look. I haven't had these in years......

oooooooh Old Bay chips. oooooooh Old Bay chips.

So I get some other treats if you will, and I go down the pet aisle to see if this place has restocked the Delectable wet cat food I am giving to Smokie. This is what it looks like.

Delectables wet cat food Delectables wet cat food


Nope, they are out as well. I typically can find it on Chewy.com or Amazon.com. But last time I looked they were out. I checked out threw the heap of groceries in the truck and headed home.

I put the groceries away and then I took my spoils down stairs and placed them on the shelves. Smokie was perched on the desk, fast asleep. I sorta quietly put things away. a boom here, a bang there, and Smokie is just out. He is sawing wood pretty good. Since I am going to redo this website soon, I am not going to add a link to a file, as it will be taken down pretty soon and may break the link. But he was caught on video snoring like a banshee.



So I grab the Herr's Old Bay bag of potato chips I got. Well, one of the three I bought I should say... and opened it up. I was reading email and occasionally picking a chip out of the bag and reading and... OMG, what the.... PATooooie.. hehehehe. That chip tasted like I ate a handful of sawdust.

Who inspects chips as you eat them? I don't. I simply open the bag, randomly grab one or a few and gnaw on them. So, now..... I look into the bag and see a variety of colors and areas of extreme darkness in the bag. So, lets take a look at what is in this mystery bag. I wanted you all to see this. It's like sawdust country in the bag.

The first batch of chips appear pretty normal, No? These are chips that are mildly tainted with a little bit of Old Bay, something you might expect, as Old Bay season cannot be too cheap. So here is the photo of the "normal" looking chips.


Good Looking Herr's Old Bay Seasoning potato Chips Good Looking Herr's Old Bay Seasoning potato Chips

Ok, OK, these might even be a little "dark" for some, but they look and taste MILD to me. These are the type that, if you drink a beer, you do NOT expect it to act like that Volcano experiment you did as a youngster where the foamy fluid went everywhere.

So, now withou even trying hard, I dug in the bag and I am looking for some chips that might have just a little more than what most people might consider overboard when it comes to coating a chip. So, in the next photo, I simply pulled out four random chips or so. Take a look at these, and they aren't even the worse ones in the bag. Now, if you looked closely at the bag photograph, in front of the Old Bay seasoning can is a small scoop. Nope, sorry, for these chips below, they musta used a BUCKET LOADER to coat these chips.

It's a shovel full of Old Bay per chip ! It's a shovel full of Old Bay per chip !

So after I had my fill of Old Bay, I decided to go upstairs and get some ice in a glass for my Cherry Pepsi I bought. Yes, I waited ample time before I consumed the soda because I didn't want to explode. BUT, man the burp that ensued shortly after rattled the walls. I know those old Viking soldiers would have been proud. probably rattled their helmets in their sleep too.

Ok, so anyway, I decided to sorta re-organize the fridge since I have invaded it with some of "my" food if you will. I stacked a few things, re-organized a few and then I see this:

What the hell is this? Has this been sitting in the fridge from last decade or is it a spray painted extremely high dollar cookie? I think it's been sitting too long. What do YOU think?

has this been sitting in the fridge too long?! has this been sitting in the fridge too long?!

They ain't mine. But it is GOOD that it's in a plastic box. If these ARE good, how the heck do you know when these go bad? They going to become MORE colorful? I don't know if I will remember to check to see if they have been...devoured by my son or his girlfriend, so if they are gonna be chucked in the waste disposal unit. Isn't there a "O" missing in the name of this...experimental box? I dunno. I just hope they don't coast more than a visit to an ER room for consuming something that gives some one foul reactions.... = X

Late January and early February have been pretty cold here. We have had our fair share of temperatures in the low 30's in the day and mid to low 20's at night. In February alone, we have had more than 13 days with rain. With this cold weather, one would think that we would be swamped with a bunch of snow.... NOPE so such luck. We've only had two mild dustings... have a look.

Some of that unexpected white snow stuff Some of that unexpected white snow stuff A Second batch, but less of, the white stuff A Second batch, but less of, the white stuff

So needless to say, outside play time is pretty much on hold. I did put a six pack of beer on the deck to get it pretty cold, and I had two beers on a Saturday and then again on Sunday. YES, I avoided the Old Bay chips in both instances.

January 7th or so, we took the tree down. Smokie was sort of lost without his artificial forest to get under, but I think he is back to his old form once again. I did find three of his Skitter Critter toy mice in the back corner, and one partially under his bed that was under the tree. I don't know how it got there, unless Smokie felt like he wanted to try to bury the poor thing. I rescued it, and placed it below the lazyboy once again. He currently has seven of those Skitter Critters lined up for action and yes they are still getting scattered across the house. I was in the dining room and I moved an oversized telescope away from the corner and to my amazement, one of Smokie's Skitter Critters was underneath that Telescope. It has a large flat metal base, but some how he hockey-slapped that toy just right and it was only by chance that it was freed from its cell and back into action. I do however have to report that there are a total of 13 out of 15 Skitter Critters available for the epic battles with Smokie. There are two that are Missing in action. To this day, I have NO idea where he knocked them to.

Smokie occasionally sits at his food bowl and just stares at it. I guess when everything gets older, we all kinda do that at times. So over the past, say 2+ years, before I re-fill Smokies food bowl, I take a photo of his creative art. If I can find a few of his bowl art, I will add them here. I have never touched any of his artwork per se. BUt I was severely disappointed with myself a long time ago. Smokie had made a great looking heart in his food bowl and before I could snap a photo of it, I tapped it with my foot and destroyed that wonderful art. Bummer. But there are many more to share. LOL

Maybe when you were a youngster, some one sat down with you and showed you a but of weirdo photos. You might have been asked "what does THIS look like to you?". Well that is not the intent here, but this may be silly or it may be art, but this is what Smokie shares with me on a semi regular basis.

  • 20190602_012405-rotated.jpg
  • 20190603_224008-rotated.jpg
  • 20190606_045400-rotated.jpg
  • 20190611_143823-768x1024.jpg
  • 20190611_215558-rotated.jpg
  • 20190626_151626-rotated.jpg
  • 20190718_220900-rotated.jpg
  • 20190727_215357-rotated.jpg
  • 20190829_152718-1-rotated.jpg
  • 20191110_001700-1-rotated.jpg
  • Smokie Bowl art #1, what is this? Smokie Bowl art #1, what is this?
  • Smokie Bowl art #2, what is this? Smokie Bowl art #2, what is this?
  • Smokie Bowl art #3, what is this? Smokie Bowl art #3, what is this?

Smokies small gallery of food bowl art. Ok, he is not a Piccasso, but he is closer than I.

And as February slowly comes to a close, so will be the use of a small heater I have in a spare room. I was about to go in the room for something and I was surprised to see this....

Smokie in the Spare room snuggled up to a heater Smokie in the Spare room snuggled up to a heater

I said "what are you doing?" and of course, he immediately thought he did something wrong. I caught him as he tried to leave the room and returned him to the heater. I try to make him understand, unless he wants to become a Smoking Smokie, he best back off a bit on the good old warming machine.

And I have bought a few weirdo coins as well. One of them is THIS.

The Obverse of a 70% off Center Kennedy Half Dollar The Obverse of a 70% off Center Kennedy Half Dollar The Reverse of a 70% off Center Kennedy Half Dollar The Reverse of a 70% off Center Kennedy Half Dollar

Well there you have it for now. It's getting late and my brain is turning to mush. I think I will get into bed and warm up a tad. Tonight is supposed to be in the lower twenties. I take my headphones off because I hear something, and I go up and crack open the front door. Its a few handful of folks separating two people. Let's just say I think they might have consumed some adult style anti-freeze, because as they are jacking their jaws, the cold air is letting me know its stinking cold out there as their steam leave their mouth and disappears, much like the headache and the memory of what actually happened with them as well.

You all take care, stay safe and feel free to email me anytime.



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