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Voyage to Guanaham(-Solving the Beale's Cipher-) by JNCC

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I will not be posting the Landmarks here. This was only given to US Libraries for a deeper research. The treasure was long recovered by the party, so please do not go there and randomly dig these historical sites.


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Now that you learned a method on how to solve the Beale’s Cipher, can you solve this cipher using the “First Voyage” as the key.


21, 19, 194, 763, 1877, 801, 2, 1748, 104, 19, 5, 877, 811, 15, 194, 33, 284, 9, 813, 2496, 37, 1701, 1819, 43, 1821, 31, 165, 7, 23, 10, 2359, 15






Paypal:    Paypal.me/bealestreasure

Bitcoin:   18WHVJ5R696WrBYaN6YSVeeNQvZ5jcKQnP

Gcash:     09297897875

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I made an error on my decipherment that will slightly change the story. Also I found an error on numbering that will fix the counting. Will be posting soon.Thanks

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