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Over the past year or so, I have been doing some pretty detailed research on the Beale Treasure supposedly buried some where in Bedford County, Virginia. I have come to the conclusion that IF the Beale treasure ever existed, it is long gone. I have seen some court documents that place Thomas J. Beale Jr. and Thomas J. Beale Sr. in Louisiana in the early 1820's. What this means to me is, IF the Beale treasure party existed, they should have disbanded and headed back to Virginia and separated the Beale Treasure into the 30 equal shares. There was a theory that Beale and the party were killed all together out west and no one was found. But, the court papers of Louisiana trump that idea. If Thomas Beale Sr. and Thomas Beale Jr. were in Louisiana in the 1820's that means he relocated there to be closer to his father, since the mother did not want to have much to do with Beale Sr. or Beale Jr. until the court cases were held.

I also found another researcher who found the same general information when I was narrowing down my research studies. His notes are more in order than mine so I will leave a link to his data below.

I have little doubt that the ancestors know who were part of the Beale party IF it existed. I am sure land was passed from generation to generation and stories were quietly told amongst select family members about the riches that were held amongst the supposed Beale party members and this is why land was bought in large chunks between 1821 and 1822 or later. 

With Beale supposedly alive after 1821, and more than likely up to October 1823, there was plenty of time for the Beale party to unearth and divide the gold, silver and jewelry up amongst themselves. Beale Jr. supposedly was helping his father run a hotel and mansion down in Louisiana before his sudden death. In this scenario, it is more than plausible and logical to assume the party was disbanded, paid and moved on to other parts of the country or staked claim to land in Virginia. There may have been members of the party that hid their share some where else, but the names of these individuals has never been deciphered. 

This pretty much seals the deal for me, I personally cannot "hope nor assume illogically" that there is still a heap of treasure out in Bedford County when this information is available. Call it closure or call it something else, I think I am done with this mild distraction.


* September 1820: Thomas Beale Senior died;
* October 1823: Thomas Beale Junior died;







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