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Golden Owl Leads August 9, 2020

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Just sharing my thoughts..

Previous clues gave (B)ourges, (A)Ronceavux, (N)apoleon Bonaparte (C)herbourg

With this the first letters it will turn into BANC...

And what is wierd is that there is a Bank which is exactly beside the OPERA HOUSE in Bordeux, It was named Banque Courtois...

Could this be what is meant by SIDEreal Day?

Look at the Enigma #580,

The BAGFEDC clue which shows a letter "bc" hidden behind the letter G. Also notice the whole Image, statues with a golden light.. For me this is the Grand Theatre de bordeux... Sidereal day could mean that it was beside the opera house and that the bank is only open during the day.. The theater will have its golden light at night..

Also the last enigma 520..I think that this is what is meant by the opposite way, Reverse the image(520) and you will see the Banque Cuortois shining in gold...

Also notice the blue part of The enigma 520, Its not the sky, It is water..It might be the Garrone river? With this it will link to the first Image.. Rotate enigma B and I think that it was an Image of a Ship...Which is in the river


Owl's Hunt during the Night, Owls rotate their head 360 degrees Owls have excellent night vision.







at night.webp at night.webp

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