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Over the past few weeks I have been rummaging through my treasure seekers notebook. I came across a note which was to point me towards researching WHY on earth the National Security Agency was so interested in the Beale ciphers and the treasure.  So I went digging for the NSA references. I am going to attach them to this post. I have not read all of these yet, but I may do so in the near future. I do know that one of NSA's past employees was quite intrigued about the Beale Ciphers and where the treasure may be hidden. 

Here are all the files I have found - so far.



NSA doc656724.pdf NSA doc656725.pdf NSA doc656726.pdf NSA doc656729.pdf NSA doc656733.pdf NSA doc656736.pdf NSA doc656738.pdf NSA doc656742.pdf NSA doc656743.pdf NSA doc656746.pdf NSA doc656753.pdf NSA doc656758.pdf NSA doc656765.pdf NSA doc656768.pdf NSA doc656772.pdf NSA_doc656779.pdf NSA doc2453995.pdf

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