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(from page 219 in The Secret)

"The jewels collectively are worth over ten thousand dollars.  The treasure casques themselves are of incalculable value, never having been owned by man or woman."


"Every treasure casque is buried underground, at a depth of no more than three to three and one-half feet.  The casques are protected by lustrous transparent boxes, and are sealed."


"The following places do not hold any treasure:

(a) any life-threatening location, such as a dangerous highway embankment, a contaminated area or active railway track
(b) any cemetery
(c) any public or private flower bed
(d) any property owned by the contributors to the book, their families or friends."


A few other bits of wisdom about the treasure spots are well worth keeping in mind:

Preiss was obviously a responsible citizen and he wouldn't have wanted his treasure hunt to cause any harm or do any damage.  Your solution shouldn't require you to tear up a lawn or disturb a natural area.  The casques are only going to be in places that have already been disturbed by humans and where further digging wouldn't be a problem.

In every case that we know of, the burial site is beside some distinctive, man-made feature that is represented in the image or verse. The presence of the artificial feature within a few feet means that the casque can't be out in an open area or in some pristine natural preserve.  There has to be a distinctive object (made by humans) very close to the burial spot.

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