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  1. Over the past year or so, I have been doing some pretty detailed research on the Beale Treasure supposedly buried some where in Bedford County, Virginia. I have come to the conclusion that IF the Beale treasure ever existed, it is long gone. I have seen some court documents that place Thomas J. Beale Jr. and Thomas J. Beale Sr. in Louisiana in the early 1820's. What this means to me is, IF the Beale treasure party existed, they should have disbanded and headed back to Virginia and separated the Beale Treasure into the 30 equal shares. There was a theory that Beale and the party were killed all
  2. I was doing some research on a treasure trove location when I seen a link: https://www.biguniverse.com/library/books/buried-treasures-of-the-appalachians This page offers a few different books on treasure seeking / hunting. You can either take the ISBN number and look up the book on a bookstore website, or potentially join the URL in hopes to read a few for free.
  3. From the Independent: The remains of Captain Black Sam Bellamy's and crew, may have been found,say researchers Captain Black Sam Bellamy's and crew, 'Robin Hood of the Sea' as he became the highest-earning pirate of all time On the shores of Cape Cod may contain the bodies of as many as 102 men whose corpses were washed ashore after their ship, the Whydah, sank while still carrying much of the treasure that had made Bellamy the highest-earning pirate of all time. “We believe that we have found the largest mass burial ground in the US,” said expedition leader Casey Sh
  4. Forrest Fenn confirms that some one has found Forrest Fenn's Treasure Forrest Fenn confirmed his treasure was found. It was a cultural shock to most of the treasure seekers out there. On my sister site https://treasure-seekers.org we offered quite a bit of help to anyone who could use it. I think we were close in our solve, a rather common place in Montana, but very close to Wyoming. Here Forrest Fenn offered several photos of the claimed treasure. All I can say about it is Congrats to the person(s) who found it. Now the rest of the community can go do other things. I didn't go
  5. The Beale Treasure Ciphers The Guardian (1999) As a result of the media frenzy over this week’s Hotmail debacle, it would be easy to overlook another major story that concerned security on the Internet. On August 22, a vast team of researchers from Britain, the Netherlands, France, Canada and America announced that they had cracked a code known as RSA-155, the sort of encryption that can be used to protect e-mails and financial transactions on the Internet. However, the breaking of RSA-155 does not demonstrate the weakness of current encryption methods, but rather their strength. Fir
  6. During the Great Depression, Leon and some of his business partners decided to hide 16 tons of gold in the New Mexico desert. They calculated that amidst the Great Depression the price of gold will explode. They decided to buy and hold on to as much gold as they possibly could. They held on to their treasure a little too long. After the Great Depression, private ownership of gold became illegal. A few months after the Gold Act was passed, Shortly after, Trabuco and his partners were found dead. However, the gold in the desert remains untouched.
  7. During one of his many raids during the Civil war, Confederate Commander Colonel John Singleton Mosby found a burlap sack containing $350,000 worth of gold, silver, and family heirlooms. Even though he wanted to take this loot and retire as a rich man, he was unable to do so because he was also responsible for the 38 other men he captured during the raid. So, he told his trusted men to bury the treasure between two large pine trees. Unfortunately, his trusted men were captured and hung and he could never return to his treasure.
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