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  1. Just posting RANDOM things, just IGNORE this... Thread Title is key to both Page 1 and Page 3 This post might help other researchers as I am out of research materials. BY:7,64,367,2160,872,170,565,19,6021,PH Castleton Johnson Mary Polly Dooley John Wood Jeremiah Wood Elizabeth Wood Smith Jonathan Smith James Jopling IK,Q,DM,L,I,M,J,SS,S,SM,30,18 HARKENING HILL 3rd Highest Mountain Peaks of Otter Highest 1800s Taylors Mountain Washington Stone Campbell County-east Botetourt County-harkening hill Bedford County-page2,30 ISSES Totteros/y = OTTER
  2. Just sharing my thoughts.. Previous clues gave (B)ourges, (A)Ronceavux, (N)apoleon Bonaparte (C)herbourg With this the first letters it will turn into BANC... And what is wierd is that there is a Bank which is exactly beside the OPERA HOUSE in Bordeux, It was named Banque Courtois... Could this be what is meant by SIDEreal Day? Look at the Enigma #580, The BAGFEDC clue which shows a letter "bc" hidden behind the letter G. Also notice the whole Image, statues with a golden light.. For me this is the Grand Theatre de bordeux... Sidereal day could mean
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