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All about the Treasure

here we group General discussions, Treasure Seekers talking about their Hunts, What is Worth, Treasure seeking in the eyes of the law, and much more.

  1. General Discussion

    General Discussion. About anything goes ! make sure it is appropriate. If you cannot say it to an average grand mother or grand father, then it may not be allowed here.

  2. Your Treasure Seeking Hunts

    Willing to tell us a little about your treasure hunting quests?  Looking for some friendly advice? Looking for a partner or two to help in a treasure seeking opportunity?  Post that sort of information here. Please DO NOT publish any personal identifiable information within the forum. If you wish to share information, have a throw away email address set up to share here. Information sharing is risky when it comes to life, and more tricky when you are talking about potentially striking it rich.

    This forum in no way is responsible for the information that is openly handed over from member to member. It is is the responsibility of the member to decide who gets their contact information or treasure seeking information. Should you have any issues with an individual on Treasure-Seekers website, please inform a member of our staff and we will try to assist.

  3. I found something ! Now what is it worth ?

    People are finding all sorts of objects. Show a photograph of what you have found, and let the Treasure Seeker forum members assist in finding out what the object is and how much it might be worth.

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  4. The Legal side of Treasure Seeking

    Do you know what the National Parks ARPA program is all about?  Do you know the different Land Types that exist across the United States?  These are some of the questions you can ask here. Our goal is to offer answers to questions posted, BUT, we want Treasure Seekers who post answers to back it up with a reliable reference. 

  5. Treasure News

    Treasure News from around the world.

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