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  2. Speak to the group of people that John(Wood), Elizabeth(Wood-Smith) and our Party gave me, John is the name of the Noble, of our success. That our Captain has given me a land(Johnson farm), I discovered that its mainland is on this side is where I settled, owned by Elizabeth, I have taken possession. To each one I gave a new names or aliases. In my second Journey, I named their place as Santa Maria. It is where Elizabeth lives. I explored the area, gave the name(names and residences) and Castellanos of Pure Gold our Captain has given to John. And that "Queen"(Elizabeth/Mary) has took possessi
  3. Note: Don't take it literally. There is no Sea-Coast, Harbor or an Island in Bedford.
  4. Hidden/Double meaning. The Beale dictionary is a set of words used in the message that I managed to translate/learn after more than a year of research. The letter will be impossible to read without the aid of this. Most of the word has hidden or double meaning for example: The word "King" was used for the word men, "Queen" was used for the word women, "Highness" means mountain, "Proclamation" means speak, "Fleet" means group, "Commemoration" was used as house/home, "I have taken possession" was used as purchased/owned. Etc. The Beale Dictionary: Appeared - Come
  5. I do believe that the key is "Columbus First Voyage - As I know version". There is an event in Scotland in 1816 called "Edinburgh Review", it is where the first English translation of Columbus First Voyage appeared. I have researched the early history of Bedford County Virginia and learned that the early settlers mostly came from England & Scotland. As to how the key arrived in Virginia, it was because of a man named "John Wood", given a new alias as "The Illustrious King" by the party. John Wood, a surveyor and a friend of Thomas Jefferson sent letters to each other. Among thos
  6. As I sit here typing at near 10pm, I hear a lightly frantic running to the kithcen as a foul odor of smoke and something that is unidentifiable is overcooked. Now a scrubbing commences of the pan and maybe the experiment was chucked into to trashcan. I dunno. I am too lazy at this moment of time to go upstairs and look. You know how it goes. I don't believe you can say anything "politely" without it seeming to be a knock on some ones' pride, so I will leave it alone. Well that kind of opens up the door for a part of the news I was gonna leave for the later half of this, but hey, since thi
  7. I made an error on my decipherment that will slightly change the story. Also I found an error on numbering that will fix the counting. Will be posting soon.Thanks
  8. Post Message Now that you learned a method on how to solve the Beale’s Cipher, can you solve this cipher using the “First Voyage” as the key. 21, 19, 194, 763, 1877, 801, 2, 1748, 104, 19, 5, 877, 811, 15, 194, 33, 284, 9, 813, 2496, 37, 1701, 1819, 43, 1821, 31, 165, 7, 23, 10, 2359, 15 Donations Paypal: Paypal.me/bealestreasure Bitcoin: 18WHVJ5R696WrBYaN6YSVeeNQvZ5jcKQnP Gcash: 09297897875
  9. Landmarks I will not be posting the Landmarks here. This was only given to US Libraries for a deeper research. The treasure was long recovered by the party, so please do not go there and randomly dig these historical sites.
  10. The Beale Dictionary Appeared - Come into existence or use. - used as “was born” in the sentence “When I appeared”. Ashore - To bring (something) onto the shore by waves. - used as “come” or “arrive” in the sentence “ashore to some”. Blancas - White person, whites or Americans. Boat with a Master Seaman - Referred to Juan de la Cosa as the Captain of Santa Maria by Christopher Columbus. - Used as “John” deri
  11. The Names and Residences(with punctuations) Returned at Salvador. Display I named name for I in his call it Illustrious King, Building towns and villages. Without Opposition, followed the coast of that isle toward the eastward, Maria, majesty who has wonderfully granted the island set in the end of Santa Maria. Of the Royal Standard the name of San Salvador that our Lord has taken possession, sailed to the Indies with the fleet, Lord has given the first Island. My voyage I write this to tell you, Royal Standard, the third, great. I gave to the Indies, possession for their highness
  12. The Names and Residences returned(317) at(8) Salvador(92) display(73) I named(112) name(89) for(67) I(318) in(28) his(96) call it(107) Illustrious King(41) building towns and villages(631) without opposition(78) followed the coast of that isle toward the(146) eastward(397) Maria(118) Majesty who has wonderfully granted(98) the island(114) set in(246) the end(348) of Santa Maria(116) of the Royal Standard(74) the name of San Salvador(88) that our Lord has(12) taken possession(65) sailed to the Indies with the fleet(32) Lord has given(14) the first island(81) my voyage I write this to tell
  13. The Locality of the Vault(with punctuations) Proclamation to the people, fleet that the Illustrious King and Queen our Sovereigns gave me, and a boat with a master seaman, name of Royal Standard at the glorious success that our Island, I discovered with the mainland on this side our Sovereigns. Commemoration of his Divine Majesty I have taken. Possession to each one I gave, a new name given. Me in my voyage second, I named the island of Santa Maria, of His Divine Majesty. I discovered, I gave the name, and three castellanos of pure gold Lord has given the Illustrious king, and Queen have
  14. The Locality of the Vault Proclamation(71) to the people(194) fleet that the Illustrious King and Queen our Sovereigns gave me(38) and a boat with a master seaman(1701) name of(89) Royal Standard(76) at the glorious success that our(11) Island I discovered(83) with the mainland on this side(1629) our Sovereigns(48) commemoration of his Divine Majesty(94) I have taken possession(63) to each one I gave a new name(132) given me in my voyage(16) second I named the island of Santa Maria(111) of His Divine Majesty (95) I discovered I gave the name(84) and(341) three castellanos of pure gold(9
  15. Vertical Method For readability purposes, I have arranged each number vertically, below is the portion of the Locality of the Vault cipher where I used the word “GOLD” as a starting point. Underlined words enclosed with brackets ([ and ]) are the words that I carefully picked after reading the message more than a hundred times. I am fully aware that I have errors on this, and this is the reason why I wanted to reveal this information to the public. To find more data and correct those errors. (975) [three castellanos of pure GOLD] or an arroba (14) [Lord has g
  16. The letter of Christopher Columbus on his First Voyage As(1)I(2)know(3)you(4)will(5)be(6)rejoiced(7)at(8)the(9)glorious(10)success(11)that(12)our(13)Lord(14)has(15)given(16)me(17)in(18)my(19)voyage(20)I(21)write(22)this(23)to(24)tell(25)you(26)how(27)in(28)thirty_three(29)days(30)I(31)sailed(32)to(33)the(34)Indies(35)with(36)the(37)fleet(38)that(39)the(40)illustrious(41)King(42)and(43)Queen(44)our(45)Sovereigns(46)gave(47)me(48)where(49)I(50)discovered(51)a(52)great(53)many(54)islands(55)inhabited(56)by(57)numberless(58)people(59)and(60)of(61)all(62)I(63)have(64)taken(65)possession
  17. The next page is the Letter of Christopher Columbus on his First Voyage. I have placed numbers after each word so there will be no difficulty in checking. There are hyphenated (-) words which I only numbered once, example of this is the word ‘SEA-COAST’. This might be the reason as to why there is a miscounting of numbers, it is possible that Thomas J. Beale has split this word into two and assigned a different number to each [example: Sea(1) Coast(2)]. These can be found on numbers 182 and 416. More reasons as to why I believe that the “First Voyage” is the key to the ciphers.
  18. The Page 1 and 3 Key In finding the key I searched for the “US historical documents” on the internet. I needed another key as I do not believe that the Declaration of Independence will be used twice on the cipher. This leads me to the Letter of Christopher Columbus on his first voyage which perfectly fits for a key which has exploration or adventure. I then looked for the word ‘Gold’, count its number and write it with additional words before and after the word that was asked. I followed this process until number 8 followed by 15 appeared, when combined gives a sentence “at the glo
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